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Dan Kramer

Dan Kramer

Financial Professional

Dan Kramer is a Financial Professional at PS&G Financial Partners. Dan is the founder and CEO of Dan Kramer, Inc. and partnered with PS&G Financial Partners to offer unique products and perspectives that help clients achieve their financial goals.

A graduate of Clarke University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Dan began as a physical therapist and enjoyed the challenge of solving complex cases. This carried over into his career as a financial professional, where each case is unique, and the ultimate goal is to provide clients with a new mindset that will help them to maximize their lifestyle.

Dan’s goal is to help his clients build significant wealth by using safe, verifiable strategies that reduce their taxes, costs, and risks while putting their money back to work for them and their financial future. He hopes to build relationships and establish conversations that merit purposeful dialog around faith, family, fitness, and finances. Life requires a focused effort in each of these life categories.

Dan grew up in southwest Wisconsin and now lives in Sartell, MN, with his wife and six children.