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Porter Stark*

Porter Stark*

Financial Professional

Porter has spent many years working with three of the most well-known Mutual Insurance Companies, now with Penn Mutual, founded in 1847 when there were only 29 states in the United States!

A graduate of Vanderbilt University, BA ’68, and Law ’71, he spent ten years in retail as a Business Owner, then chose the more orderly and more rewarding career in Life Insurance Planning.

In the early 1980s, upon seeing how Fortune 500 Companies purchased these dividends by Paying Insurance Policies by the Millions of Dollars of Premium per year, he quickly chose Business Owners as his focus showing efficient ways this product can provide Specialized Retirement Plans for Key Employees. “Once people understand this is a Balance Sheet Asset with unusual tax advantages, they want to own it,” he says. They realize it is a Transfer of Assets in a Financial Plan, not an Expense.

Married for over 52 years with two daughters and five grandchildren, Porter says he will retire someday.