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Fact Over Opinion. Process Over Product.

We use a fact-based financial model with 27 different financial areas of focus, so you are able to clearly define what success means to you. Each section breaks down every financial decision you have made and how it affects your life, currently and in the future. There are three main sections; Protection, Savings and Growth. When we take this integrative approach, you will see what is working for and against you. Without using this model, decisions are often scattered and choices are made with different people, at different times and under different circumstances. Our focus is not solely on your needs, but also on your goals. We are committed to showing you the entire story, the big picture of your financial journey, so you’re able to make decisions strategically and each section is integrated with the others.

The content within this website is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. It is important to note that the implementation of any strategies provided as a part of LEAP are designed to aid one in reaching their financial objectives, but no assurance can be made that these objectives will in fact be reached. Individual results may vary.  LEAP is independent of HTK.  The views expressed are those of the presenting party and do not necessarily reflect the views of HTK or its affiliates.

LEAP®, Leap-The Model for Financial Success™, The Leap Model™, Macro Manager™, Personal Macro Economics Process™, Wealth In Motion®, Protection, Savings, and Growth (PS&G) Model®, and Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process™ are trademarks and service marks of Leap Systems, LLC which is an independent affiliate of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (PML). HTK is a wholly owned subsidiary of PML. Trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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